Jeno is sexy and cool! NCT DREAM “Hot Sauce” MV was released!

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NCT DREAM made up of the youngest members in NCT.

Mark, who has graduated once, has reunited, and the comeback of the seven members is drawing attention.

The MV of NCT DREAM’s new song “Hot Sauce” was released!

This is the MV for NCT DREAM “Hot Sauce” released on YouTube at 18:00 on May 10th.

In the teaser video, powerful dance was attracting attention.

It had an impact from the beginning and was perfect for the title “Hot Sauce”!

It was also touching to start from Mark’s part.

I felt a passionate and Mexican Music, and there was a new charm that NCT DREAM’s songs did not have so far.

Jeno was in charge of the first chorus, and very sexy !

Jeno’s rap style was different than before, and he sang manly with low tones.

The climax dance break was also a hot topic, and it was very cool when Mark became the center.

In the vocal parts of Haechan, Renjun, and Chenle, I heard their beautiful singing voices.

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NCT DREAM’s new album “Hot Sauce” became a hot topic as it became a million seller.

I’m looking forward to seeing how much sales will increase!

Please check out the comeback activity of NCT DREAM “Hot Sauce” starting from now on ♪