NCT Haechan finally opens Instagram! What’s his ig ID? Doyoung commented immediately!

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Haechan is active in NCT 127 and NCT DREAM.

Haechan is a member who is good at singing, and recently the release of his first solo OST “Good Person” has attracted attention.

Today, on March 16th, Haechan’s Instagram is opened!

This is the first photos posted on NCT Haechan’s Instagram.

Haechan has long been expected to open a Instagram.

With the long-awaited opening of Haechan’s personal Instagram, many NCTzen are pleased.

The first photos posted were photos of NCT DREAM’s new album “Glitch Mode”, and Haechan’s suit outfit is really cool.

Haechan’s Instagram account name(ID) is “haechanahceah”.

Furthermore, Doyoung immediately commented to celebrate the opening of Haechan’s Instagram.

Doyoung commented “Haestagram 🔥” and his love for Haechan is beautiful!

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of photos Haechan will post to Instagram ♪