What brand is the pink tops worn by Taeyong on NCT127 “Sticker”? The sleeveless sweater is cool!

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Quote from:NCT127 twitter
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NCT127’s new song “Sticker” released on September 17th.

It’s a popular song with powerful sound and performance.

This time, I will introduce the outfit that Taeyong wore in the Sticky version of “Sticker”!

Here are photos of Taeyong’s Sticky version posted on NCT 127’s official Twitter account.

It was an impressive photo that Taeyong was eating cherries!

There was a little “Cherry Bomb” atmosphere, and it was really cool.

The pink tops Taeyong wore were from “Raf Simons”!

Originally it looked like a long-sleeved sweater, but Taeyong seems to have worn it sleeveless.

It fits well with the concept of “Sticker” and it was a very nice outfit 😆

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In the photo of Sticky version of “Sticker”, not only Taeyong but other NCT127 members wore “Raf Simons” clothes.

Let’s check the stage performance of NCT127 “Sticker” ♪