NCT127 Jungwoo’s piercing situation! Popular voices continue! !

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NCT127 who made a comeback with the new song “Punch”.

The upgraded visuals of members have become a hot topic.

This time, NCT127 Jungwoo’s piercing situation will be introduced!

You announced that JungWoo pierced a hole in the V live of NCT127 before.

Jungwoo’s ears after that are often pierced.

Some Jungwoo’s piercings are well received by fans!

Many people say that his piercings are cool, look good, and are fashionable.

Since JungWoo has black hair recently, his piercings near his ears are more impressive.

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A very cool NCT127 JungWoo piercing.

I would like you to continue to show various appearances.

Please check it out!