NCT127 Mark’s birthday event is too great! The painting of a huge Mark is a topic !!


Globally popular NCT 127.

NCT127’s Mark will celebrate his birthday on August 2nd.

Introducing such Mark’s birthday event!

This is an event planned for NCT127 Mark’s birthday.

It seems that a huge art of Mark will be painted between July 19th and August 2nd at the Seongsu-dong gallery cafe in Seoul, South Korea!

The picture of Mark when he was active as a “Kick It” is wonderful.

The size is 8.6 m x 6.4 m! !!

It’s a huge picture, isn’t it?

Mark seems to be a happy birthday present.

If you’re a Mark fan, you definitely want to go.

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NCT 127 Mark will be celebrating its birthday on August 2nd.

Various birthday events are planned for the birthday of Mark.

Please check it out♪