Interview with Mark and Yuta! NCT127 starts web serialization with MEN’S NON-NO !!

Quote from:MEN'S NON-NO twitter

NCT 127, whose sales of the album “NEO ZONE” series released in 2020 topped the million-seller.

On December 23rd, the release of Japan’s 2nd mini album “LOVE HOLIC” was also announced.

Such NCT127 web serialization starts with MEN’S NON-NO!

This is a video posted on the official Twitter of MEN’S NON-NO.

Mark and Yuta announced in Japanese!

The pink hair of Mark and Yuta’s orange hair looked good together.

It was a video in which Yuta was kindly watching Mark’s Japanese.

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By the way, the first member is Yuta.

I am looking forward to seeing what kind of photos and interviews will be released!

Please check it out♪