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Introducing NCT2020 Shotaro’s gentle and pure personality !! What is the character of Shotaro spoken by Jungwoo and Chenle?

Quote from:VLIVE
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Shotaro and Sungchan join NCT2020 as new members.

The profiles of Shotaro and Sungchan were appeared at NCT2020’s V Live on September 23rd.

This time, I would like to introduce the character of Shotaro, a new member of NCT2020, which Jungwoo and Chenle talk about!

This is NCT Jungwoo and Chenle’s V Live broadcasted on September 24th.

Jungwoo and Chenle are friends who co-starred in Awsaz.

At V Live, they talked about the new member Shotaro, “Shotaro is good at dancing and really kind and pure.” .

You could feel the gentle atmosphere of Shotaro at NCT2020’s V Live.

I’m also interested in Shotaro’s dance ability, which Jungwoo and Chenle recognize.

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New members of NCT2020, Shotaro and Sungchan, have just been released.

I’m looking forward to the future activities of the two!