WayV Lucas is suffering from Sasaeng! Hashtags that protect WayV are trending !!


WayV, an NCT unit that is active mainly in China.

Recently, WayV members are active in Korea as NCT2020.

WayV Lucas’ posts to sasaeng has become a hot topic!

Sasaeng is a fan who gets into the private life of idols, and it has become a big problem among KPOP idols.

There are many Sasaeng in NCT, and it was mentioned before that Haechan and Taeyong also suffer from Sasaeng.

There was sasaeng at the shooting location of WayV, and Lucas also posted about sasaeng.

Lucas seems to have felt various things to sasaeng because it is called to refrain from going out to prevent corona infection.

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In order to protect WayV members from sasaeng, the hashtag “#ProtectWayV” has become a global trend!

NCT members are already busy with their schedules, but if sasaeng interferes with their private lives, they are suffer.

I hope NCT members, including WayV, can live safely.