NCT U Renjun and Shotaro’s good friend photo! Cute emojis of fox and otter !!

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Quote from:NCT twitter
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Sungchan and Shotaro newly joined NCT.

Sungchan participates in “Misfit” and Shotaro participates in “Make A Wish”.

“Make A Wish” has won first place in various music programs.

This time, I will introduce a good friend photo of NCT U Renjun and Shotaro!

Here is a photo posted on NCT’s official Twitter account.

Renjun and Shotaro posted a two-shot photo!

It was a precious photo of new members Shotaro and NCT DREAM Renjun.

It was a cute post using emojis of fox (Renjun) and otter (Shotaro)!

Renjun and Shotaro are members born in 2000.

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At the Music Bank, two songs, “From Home” and “Make A Wish” were performed.

Both songs were wonderful performances!

Please check it out ♪