What’s mic color of NCT DREAM ? Why reason? Comeback with ‘ISTJ’♪


NCT DREAM, a popular unit of NCT.

NCT DREAM made a comeback with the new album ‘ISTJ’ on July 17th.

For the comeback, iMCT DREAM members made custom mics!

Mark: Blue (favorite color)

Renjun: Green with white (favorite color)

Jeno: Blue (navy) (favorite color)

Haechan: Beige (recent favorite color)

Jaemin: Pink (he loves color)

Chenle: purple & blue (because it’s beautiful)

Jisung: White (his personal color)

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I can’t wait to see what kind of performance NCT DREAM will use with their custom mics 😆

Let’s check out the comeback activities of NCT DREAM “ISTJ” in the future♪