NCT Mark and TREASURE Hyunsuk were the same middle school ! ? Their cute photos are a hot topic!


NCT is very popular all over the world.

Recently, NCT DREAM is comeback with “Hello Future”.

NCT Mark and TREASURE Hyunsuk’s middle school have become a hot topic!

Mark and Hyunsuk are born in 1999.

There is also in common that Mark and Hyunsuk are in charge of rap.

On the twitter, the photos of Hyunsuk and Mark in middle school are talked about !

I don’t know if Mark and Hyunsuk were friends when middle school, but I’d be happy if they knew each other.

Fans are expecting a collaboration between Mark and Hyunsuk on rap, and I hope that collaboration will be realized someday!

Please check out the future activities of NCT and TREASURE ♪