Sungchan’s special skill is to imitate the barking of dogs!? Pay attention to the reaction of NCT2020 members !!

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Quote from:VLIVE
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Sungchan and Shotaro joined NCT2020 as new members.

Sungchan and Shotaro greeted the fans for the first time at the NCT2020 V Live broadcast on September 23rd.

This time, we will introduce the special skills of Sungchan, a new member of NCT2020!

This is a dog imitation that Sungchan showed at NCT2020’s V Live.

Sungchan’s hobby is watching videos of cute dogs, so Haechan asked him to imitate the barking of a dog.

Despite the urgent request, Sungchan who immediately imitate a dog was amazing.

The reaction of the NCT2020 members to Sungchan’s dog imitation was fun.

You can feel the welcome to the new members.

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Sungchan is a member with good-looking visuals and rap skills.

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of performance will be shown at NCT2020!

I look forward to the success of Sungchan in the future ♪