NCT127 Doyoung shows Japanese in V Live! Impressed by Doyoung’s efforts to study Japanese !!

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Globally active NCT 127.

NCT127 is very popular in Japan, and the Japan tour was a great success.

This time, I would like to introduce the Japanese that NCT127 Doyoung spoke at V-live!

This is the V-live that NCT127 Doyoung broadcast on July 20th.

NCT127 has various members broadcasting V-lives one after another.

Doyoung answered many fans’ questions during this V-live.

Doyoung seems to have been working hard to study Japanese these days, “I really wanted to meet you in Japan. I’m doing my best to study.”

Doyoung can’t quite come to Japan, but it’s too nice to keep studying Japanese properly!

It was a good news for Japanese fans.

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NCT127 Doyoung who is good at Japanese.

The Japanese spoken by Doyoung at this V-live was very moving.

Please check it out♪