MarkLee is scared of Sungchan !? Expectations for the relationship between Mark and new members of NCT2020 !!

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Quote from:VLIVE
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Sungchan joined NCT2020 as a new member.

The profile of Sungchan was introduced on V Live broadcasted by NCT2020 the other day.

This time, I would like to introduce the relationship between MarkLee and Sungchan, a new member of NCT2020!

According to Haechan, Mark said “Sungchan is scared” after practice!

Sungchan is younger than Mark , but Mark seems to have been unable to make eye contact during practice because Sungchan is tall.

Mark thinked “Is I older than Song Chan?” and then Mark remembered when he met Lucas first time.

However, during V Live, Mark said, “Now I can make eye contact with Sungchan.”

Mark is very cute !

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Sungchan has tall height and handsome faces.

He is a member who is good at rap, so I’m looking forward to Sungchan’s performance at NCT2020!

Also pay attention to the relationship between Mark and Sungchan ♪