NCT127 Boxing Showdown! Doyoung VS Taeyong! ! Which one has won?

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NCT 127 making a comeback with the new song “Punch”.

A lot of them are being distributed on V-live and YouTube for comeback.

Introducing ❮ Late Night Punch Punch Show ❯ hosted by Doyoung and Jungwoo this time!

≪ Late Night Punch Punch Show ❯ that started in the atmosphere of a real American TV show.

When Jaehyun, who became a boxer, was a guest, there was a boxing showdown between Doyoung and Taeyong.

The two guys who are usually close to each other, but the boxing show-off between the two guys was interesting.

At the end, Jungwoo was in the stop, but Taeyong was the winner.


≪ Late Night Punch Punch Show ❯ full of highlights.

There were lots of interesting scenes.

Please check it out!