Yuta looks like Howl !? NCT U Yuta became blue hair!

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Quote from:MCOUNTDOWN twitter
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NCT2020 made a comeback with the new songs “Make A Wish” and “From Home”.

“Make A Wish” has won first place in various music programs, proving their popularity.

Their vocal performance of “From Home” is also very popular.

NCT U Yuta, who is active in “From Home”, has changed to blue hair!

This is NCT U Yuta when he appeared on M COUNTDOWN on October 29th.

Until now, Yuta had orange hair, but he had blue hair and it was really cool!

Fans who saw Yuta’s blue hair said “Yuta looks like Howl!”.

Yuta really has an atmosphere like the main character of an anime, and blue hair suits Yuta very well.

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Yuta has recently been active in the reality show “NCT World 2.0” on NCT2020.

Also pay attention to the cute Yuta’s talk!

Please check it out ♪