What is NCT127 Taeil’s Butterfly? The members were laughing at Taeil’s actions!


Taeil, the oldest member of NCT127.

Taeil is the main vocalist of NCT127 and is a very good singer.

He always makes other members laugh with his funny actions.

Taeil’s Butterfly became a hot topic in NCT127’s “We’re Going FasterㅣFill It UpㅣEP. 4” released on September 10th yesterday!

This is NCT127’s “We’re Going FasterㅣFill It UpㅣEP. 4” released on YouTube.

In Episode 3, which was released last time, NCT127 members did karaoke, and sang many songs.

This episode 4 started with a meal scene.

After that, NCT127 members were playing a game, and it looked fun.

Taeil’s Butterfly has been revealed in games that hold back laughter!

Taeil’s Butterfly is the exercise Taeil does before an important schedule, and NCT127 members often talk about Taeil’s Butterfly.

Haechan was dancing Taeil’s Butterfly at the DREAM SHOW.

I’ve never seen Taeil himself doing Taeil’s Butterfly, and it’s finally revealed😆

It’s a pity that I couldn’t see Taeil’s Butterfly from the front, but it was really funny just from the back.

Many members burst out laughing, it was a legendary episode!

Let’s check next episode♪