NCT2020 Sungchan and Haechan do push-ups! Sungchan’s shoulder width is amazing !!

Quote from:YouTube

SungChan, a new member of NCT2020.

His tall and handsome visuals are attracting attention.

Such Sungchan had a push-up confrontation with Haechan!

풋풋즈 | ☀️WELCOME TO SUN&MOON🌕 EP.4 | NCT 2020

This is a video of NCT2020 posted on YouTube.

Haechan and Taeil became MCs and introduced new members Sungchan and Shotaro.

SungChan addicted to exercise lately and is confident in his shoulder width!

In the push-ups confrontation with Haechan, you saw Sungchan’s stable push-ups.

Haechan was cute and interesting.

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SungChan is a member who is also good at rap and dance.

I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of performance Sung Chan will perform at NCT2020!

Please check it out ♪