aespa Giselle wears the same glasses as NCT127 Mark!? Their glasses in the MV of “Savage” and “Sticker” is talked about !

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Quote from:YouTube
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aespa and NCT 127 belonging to SM Entertainment.

Both groups are attracting attention from all over the world and are very popular idols.

Today, October 5th, aespa is comeback with a new song “Savage”!

This is the MV for aespa “Savage” released on YouTube.

Many fans were expecting aespa’s comeback following “Next Level”.

“Savage” is a concept that is perfect for aespa, and it had an impact comparable to “Next Level”.

Giselle performed rap, and her charismatic rap was popular.

Giselle’s glasses attracted attention!

Actually, in the MV of NCT 127 “Sticker”, Mark wore the same glasses.

This is the MV for NCT 127 “Sticker”.

“Sticker” won the 1st place in each music program, and the sales of the album exceeded the double million.

In the rap part of this “Sticker” MV, Mark wore the same transparent glasses as Giselle!

Both Giselle and Mark were in charge of rap, and they had a lot in common.

Le’s check out the future activities of aespa and NCT 127 ♪