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Haechan was surprised at the aegyo of NCT2020 Sungchan! ? Also pay attention to the charming dance of Shotaro !!

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Shotaro and Sungchan join NCT2020 as new members.

This time, I would like to introduce the aegyo of NCT2020 Sungchan and Shotaro!

풋풋즈 | ☀️WELCOME TO SUN&MOON🌕 EP.4 | NCT 2020

This is a video of Sungchan and Shotaro posted on YouTube.

Haechan and Taeil acted as MCs and introduced two new members.

They also introduced the special skills of Shotaro and Songchan.

Finally, there was a aegyo show .

The aegyo that SungChan showed was amazing !

Haechan’s aegyo was also amazing, but Haechan was surprised at Sungchan’s aegyo.

Sungchan’s big body-shaking aegyo was unique and interesting.

Shotaro also used dance to show his cute aegyo.

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NCT2020 will include not only Shotaro and Sungchan, but also WayV members.

Fans are paying attention to a fresh unit that has never been seen before.

Please check it out ♪