StrayKids Hyunjin’s neck tattoo is sexy! The teaser for “Lose My Breath” has become a hot topic!


StrayKids Hyunjin is popular all over the world.

StrayKids is planning to make a comeback with their new song “Lose My Breath.”

Today, April 22nd, the teaser image for StrayKids’ “Lose My Breath” has been released!

This is the teaser image for “Lose My Breath” posted on StrayKids’ official Twitter.

Their collaboration with Charlie Puth on “Lose My Breath” has become a hot topic.

The teaser images each have a charismatic charm.

Hyunjin’s face was up close and he looked really sexy😆

There was like a tattoo on Hyunjin’s neck.

Let’s check out StrayKids’ “Lose My Breath” which will be released in the future to see what kind of concept the song is about♪