Stray Kids dance “소리꾼 (Thunderous)” in SKZOO costumes! Very Cute!

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Stray Kids will make a comeback with their new album “NO EASY” on August 23rd.

The track list is released in order, and the MV teaser for the title song “소리꾼 (Thunderous)” is also attracting attention.

On August 22nd, a teaser for Stray Kids wearing SKZOO costumes and performing “소리꾼 (Thunderous)” was released!

This is a performance video teaser for the SKZOO version of Stray Kids “소리꾼 (Thunderous)” released on YouTube.

So far, two teasers for the “소리꾼 (Thunderous)” MV have been released, but this was the SKZOO version!

Stray Kids members wore each SKZOO costume and it was very cute 😆

“소리꾼 (Thunderous)” is a cool song, so dancing in SKZOO looks even more cute.

It seemed difficult to dance in the costume of SKZOO, but their dance was amazing !

I’m interested in the performance of the SKZOO version, and I’d like to see the MV of “소리꾼 (Thunderous)” too.

Don’t miss the release of “NO EASY” on August 23 ♪