TWS Shinyu looks like StrayKids Hyunjin ? His attractive eyes have become a hot topic! His rap is so cool!


TWS newly debuted from Pledis Entertainment.

TWS is the first boy group since SEVENTEEN and attracting a lot of attention.

Among KPOP fans, it has become a hot topic that TWS Shinyu looks like StrayKids Hyunjin!

This is TWS Shinyu’s video posted on YouTube.

Shinyu performed rap and it was really cool.

Shinyu is also very good at dancing, and his performance of “Oh Mymy: 7s” became a hot topic.

In particular, Shinyu’s eyes resemble StrayKids Hyunjin, and many fans are falling in love with Shinyu’s charm.

Let’s check out Shinyu’s activities as he makes his debut as TWS♪