LeeKnow dressed up as IU! ? Stray Kids played “Hotel del Luna” in Halloween costumes! Felix’s Elsa and Seungmin’s Pororo are so cute!


Stray Kids, a popular boy group belonging to JYP Entertainment.

Stray Kids made a comeback with “Thunderous” in 2021, and the sales of the album reached a million sales.

Today, October 31st, a special video of Stray Kids has been released for Halloween!

These are the behind photos of the Halloween special video posted on the official Stray Kids Twitter account.

Bangchan: Squid Game Player

LeeKnow: Jang Manwool (Hotel del Luna)

Changbin: Peter Pan

Hyunjin: Go Cheongmyung (Hotel del Luna)

Han: Go Chanseong (Hotel del Luna)

Felix: Elsa (Frozen)

Seungmin: Pororo

I.N: Joker

LeeKnow, Hyunjin, and Han have become characters in the drama “Hotel del Luna,” and their acting was interesting.

LeeKnow played Chan Manwol played by IU, the main cast of “Hotel del Luna”, and he is very beautiful!

Seungmin dressed up as Pororo and was so cute 😆

Felix dressed up as Elsa, and his long blonde hair looked great!

I.N’s Joker was also wonderful.

It was a nice video for STAY, and it was a video that you can feel the good friendship of Stray Kids!

I want StrayKids to release a video of performing “Thunderous” in this costume ♪