The climax dance is amazing! The MV for Stray Kids 「Back Door」 has been released !!

Quote from:StrayKids twitter

Stray Kids, a talented idol who belongs to JYP Entertainment.

StrayKids was also attracting attention as a talented idol who writes and composes songs by theirself.

The music video for Stray Kids’ new song “Back Door” has been released!

This is the MV for Stray Kids “Back Door” released on September 14th.

“Back Door” was attracting attention from all over the world because the teaser video was released first.

Hyunjin, Felix, and BangChan’s visual changes were also talked about.

The climax performance was particularly intense and powerful!

The choreography of Hyunjin and Pelix’s knocking on the door was also wonderful.

The MV for “Back Door” has been played over 1 million times soon after it was released, proving its popularity.

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By the way, September 14th, when the music video for “Back Door” was released, was Stray Kids Han’s birthday.

It must have been a wonderful birthday for Han.

Please check the MV of “Back Door” ♪