Jungkook’s VUITTON fashion! Introducing the fashion that Jungkook wore at BTS “Dynamite” !!

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BTS whose new song “Dynamite” is a big hit worldwide.

The MV for “Dynamite” that makes you want to dance just by looking at it is also popular.

This time, I will introduce the fashion that BTS Jungkook wore in “Dynamite”!

This is the fashion that Jungkook wore in the music video for BTS “Dynamite”.

The costume that Jungkook wore at the opening of the music video was all-denim fashion.

This denim is from LOUIS VUITTON, and Jungkook dressed it cool.

Jungkook was able to dance perfectly even in costumes that seemed difficult to dance!

By the way, this LOUIS VUITTON jacket worn by Jungkook has been sold out all over the world!

Although it is a luxury item, Jungkook’s influence is amazing.

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The fashion that BTS wears is a hot topic every time.

In the MV of “Dynamite”, in addition to Jungkook’s LOUIS VUITTON fashion, the GUCCI fashion worn by BTS members was also wonderful.

Please check that out too ♪