BTS Taehyung(V)’s black card is a hot topic! Impressed by the fateful numbers of BTS’s debut day (0613)! It was deleted.


BTS Taehyung(V) is very popular.

Taehyung is has handsome appearance and humorous personality.

The photo of the black card posted by Taehyung(V) has become a hot topic!

Taehyung(V) posted a photo on BTS’s official Twitter account around noon on November 13th, but it has now been deleted.

In the original tweet, the photo of Taehyung’s black card was posted.

For security reasons, it seems that the photo of the black card has been deleted.

Taehyung’s Black Card is Black Card of Hyundai, a special card that only 1000 invited people can have.

BTS is the advertising model for Hyundai.

Furthermore, the number “0613” was written on Taehyung’s black card, which attracted attention among ARMY.

BTS’s debut date is June 13th(0613), so it was a fateful number.

On the second photo, a cute photo of Taehyung(V)’s dog, Yeontan, was posted, which was valuable to the fans, but unfortunately it was deleted.

I want Taehyung(V) to post a photo with Yeontan again 😆

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