BTS Jin released “Abyss” as a surprise before his birthday! Focus on the lyrics filled with Jin’s thoughts !!

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BTS Jin’s birthday is on December 4th.

Jin’s birthday events are being held all over the world.

BTS Jin has released “Abyss” !

This is BTS Jin “Abyss” released on YouTube.

ARMY was surprised when “Abyss” was released before Jin’s birthday.

“Abyss” contains sad and uneasy feelings that Jin doesn’t usually talk about.

Jin is always bright in front of ARMY, but he seems to have expressed his anxiety inside the song.

Jin looks bright, but you can feel the various emotions of Jin, and the lyrics are soaked in your heart.

It was a healing song with many parts that I could sympathize with.

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In commemoration of Jin’s birthday, Jin’s birthday ads was also played at the New York Times.

Jin’s worldwide popularity is amazing!

Be sure to check out the birthday tweets that will post by BTS members to Jin ♪