BTS V presented a big teddy bear to the boy who co-starred in “Inner Child” !!


BTS who finished “MAP OF THE SOUL ON:E” with great success.

It was a concert with lots of BTS hits and solo songs.

This time, I would like to introduce the boy who co-starred with BTS V in “Inner Child”!

The photo posted on the boy’s Instagram that co-starred with BTS V.

The teddy bear that the boy happily holds was a gift from V!

It was a very big stuffed, about the size of a boy .

The boy also posted two-shot photos of V and Jimin.

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On the stage of “Inner Child”, V and the boy riding a merry-go-round became a hot topic.

It was a stage that was perfect for the concept of “Inner Child” and the production was wonderful.

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