Introducing BTS’s GUCCI fashion! What was the fashion worn by BTS at MTV VMA’s “Dynamite”?

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Quote from:BTS_official twitter
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“2020 MTV Video Music Awards (VMA)” starring Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande and top artists in the world.

BTS has also appeared in the KPOP world, and BTS performed the new song “Dynamite”.

This time, I would like to introduce the fashion that BTS wore when they showed “Dynamite” at MTV VMA!


First, the fashion of BTS Jung Kook.

Jungkook had a lot of center parts in “Dynamite”.

Jungkook wore a GUCCI white jacket.

The white looks so good that he looked like a prince!


Next is BTS V fashion.

As usual, V was really good looking!

The dark blue GUCCI fashion was wonderful.

The tie and jacket were also very good.


Next is the fashion of BTS Jin.

Jin wore a brown GUCCI jacket!

The pants and boots are all brown, so it’s a fashion that gives off a mature atmosphere.


Next is SUGA’s fashion.

SUGA wore a mint colored GUCCI jacket!

Costume with a concept perfect for “Dynamite” was refreshing.