What brand is the see through pyjama worn by BTS Jungkook? The plaid setup is cute!


BTS has a lot of interaction with ARMY using Twitter, V Live, Weverse, etc.

ARMY is happy to have a talk with BTS by SNS.

On July 30th, BTS Jungkook’s see-through pajamas is a hot topic !

This is V Live by BTS Jungkook at midnight on July 30th.

Jungkook’s see-through pajama is from “ F8KECHEMICALCLUB” !

The plaid design is cute.

After Jungkook wore it on V Live, there was a post thanking ARMY in the official Instagram story of “F8KECHEMICALCLUB”.

You can feel the worldwide popularity of Jungkook.

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On this V Live, Jungkook sang and danced many songs such as “Euphoria”, “Dope” and “IDOL”!

It was midnight, but there were many ARMY who were excited by Jungkook’s V Live, and some ARMY couldn’t sleep.

Please check out BTS’s V Live in the future ♪