What are the prices of wine posted by BTS Taehyung(V)? Check out the handsome selfie!

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BTS Taehyung(V) is very popular all over the world.

Taehyung is a member who hasn’t posted many photos to Twitter these days, and every time he posts, he’s getting a lot of attention.

Yesterday, on September 29th, Taehyung posted a selfie with wine!

This is Taehyung’s Selfie posted on BTS’s official Twitter account.

There was a funny comment saying “I checked out my photo gallery but I don’t remember why I have this photo.”.

Taehyung took a photo with wine, and I felt the handsomeness of Taehyung.

The wine that Taehyung had was “Chateau Margaux 2001”, and the price seems to be about $600-$700 !

It’s a expensive wine, but it’s perfect for Taehyung😆

It was a rare Taehyung’s Selfie, so ARMY was happy too.

I’m looking forward to the next Taehyung’s selfie ♪