RM’s hairstyle, SUGA & J-HOPE’s silver hair are cool! BTS “Proof” concept photo was released!


BTS’s new album “Proof” will be released on June 10th.

Regarding “Proof”, the track list of 3 CDs has been released, and expectations for new songs are rising.

Today, May 28th, the concept photo of the Proof version of BTS “Proof” has been released!

This is the concept photo of the Proof version of BTS “Proof” posted on the official Twitter of BIGHIT MUSIC.

It’s a chic atmosphere, and all BTS members are cool!

BTS members were standing in front of the big door, and the concept of the “Proof” was wonderful.

BTS members’ hairstyles and hair colors are also attracting attention!

The leader RM (Namjoon) had short black hair and had a nice haircut.

Furthermore, SUGA and J-HOPE looked like silver hair color!

Not only the rap line, but also the hairstyle of the vocal line was also so cool 😆

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