BTS Namjoon (RM) has red hair! His hair style on PTD ON STAGE LA is so cool!


BTS held “PTD ON STAGE LA” in Los Angeles, USA.

BTS’s offline concert is attracting attention.

Today, December 1st, the 3rd day of “PTD ON STAGE LA” was held, and the hair color of RM (Namjoon) became a hot topic !

This is a photo of BTS with Halsey posted on BTS’s official Twitter account.

BTS and Halsey collaborated on “Boy With Luv”.

It seems that Halsey visited to watch the third day of “PTD ON STAGE LA”, and their friendship is wonderful!

RM’s hair color that attracted attention was red !

Red hair looked good on RM and he is so cool 😆

The hair color was a little different from SUGA’s orange hair, and both were wonderful.

The final day of BTS “PTD ON STAGE LA” to be held tomorrow will be broadcasted online, so if you have purchased a ticket, let’s check it out ♪