Was BTS Taehyung(V) crying? Taehyung at the encore on the last day of PTD ON STAGE LA is a hot topic!

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“PTD ON STAGE LA” was held by BTS for 4 days.

Today, “PTD ON STAGE LA” held on December 2nd was the final day, and fans all over the world enjoyed it offline and online.

Some ARMY says Taehyung (V) was crying at encore stage!

These are photos of “PTD ON STAGE LA” posted on BTS’s official Twitter account.

The last day was also a great success.

The second photo was a photo at the encore stage.

J-HOPE and Taehyung(V) did a finger heart.

BTS appeared in the encore, and when Taehyung(V) spoke his last comment, it seemed like tears were flowing on his nose.

His eyes looked like teary eyes, which impressed ARMY.

Then Taehyung(V) didn’t talk about his tears.

I think it’s a joyful tear because he could have a offline concert with ARMY for the first time in a while, but I don’t know real reason .

After the final day of “PTD ON STAGE LA”, it was announced that a offline concert will be held in Korea in March 2022!

It would be nice if the BTS concert that ARMY in Korea had been waiting for would be held as scheduled.

I’m looking forward to holding BTS world tour next year ♪