BTS Jin’s GICCI fashion! Introducing the retro fashion that Jin wore in Season Greeting (2021) !!

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Quote from:YouTube
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A popular season greeting every year.

KPOP idols are planning to release with various concepts.

The concept of BTS’s 2021 season greeting is retro fashion!

This time, I will introduce the fashion that BTS Jin wore in Season Greeting (2021).


First is the GUCCI jacket.

The wine red jacket was perfect for this retro concept!

In the DVD preview, Jin wore this jacket and showed off his splendid billiards.


Next is a scarf wrapped around his neck.

It was a fashionable fashion and it was the same GUCCI as the jacket!

The green and red GUCCI pattern on white was a cool design.

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In the DVD preview of BTS’s Season Greeting (2021), members other than Jin also wore fashionable retro fashion.

Everyone was in a fashion full of individuality, and their acting was also interesting .

Please check that out too ♪