It’s already sold out!?The half pants of SKOOT that BTS Jungkook wore are very popular!


Bts’s youngest child, Jungkook.

What Jungkook used has been inundated with ARMY all over the world, and it has made Downey and Korean clothing a big hit.

It was half pants that made such Jungkook sell out next!

Half pants worn by Jungkook in a boxing video posted on BTS’s official Twitter.

It became a hot topic in no time, and it sold out immediately!

This half pants are the one of the brand named SKOOT, and it is the brand that Billy Irish also loves.

SKOOT is a popular brand among Young Koreans, and it seems to become more popular because it was worn by Jungkook.

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Even so, the Jungkook effect is amazing!

It is the golden manne of BTS indeed.

When Jungkook wears it, we wants everything♪