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BTS Jungkook’s blue sweater is cute! Check out Jungkook’s outfits in the “Butter” dance practice video!

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Quote from:BTS official twitter
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BTS released a new song “Butter” on May 21st.

The number of MV views of “Butter” has already exceeded 260 million , and it has become a hot topic.

This time, I will introduce the outfits that Jungkook wore in the dance practice video of BTS “Butter”!

This is a group photo of BTS posted on BTS’s official twitter.

Jungkook was crossing his shoulders with Taehyung .

The short purple hair looked good on Jungkook.

The blue sweater that Jungkook wore was from “thisisneverthat “!

Jungkook usually wears black clothes, so the cute clothes are rare.

And Jungkook’s shoes are from “ Versace “!

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BTS’s outfits are always attracting attention.

I’ll want it just because BTS wear it!

Please check out the outfits of future BTS members ♪