Which perfume brand does BTS Taehyung(V) use? His perfume is a hot topic in In The Soop!


BTS Taehyung (V) is popular all over the world.

Taehyung (V)’s “In The Soop” has become a hot topic.

This time, I will introduce the perfume that Taehyung (V) used in “In The Soop”!

The movement of Taehyung (V) using perfume was wonderful😆

At this time, the perfume that Taehyung (V) was using is expected to be a product of “FREDERIC MALLE”!

“FREDERIC MALLE” is a world-famous perfume brand that sells scented perfumes that can be used by both men and women.

If Taehyung (V) really uses “FREDERIC MALLE” perfume, I’d like to smell it once!

Also, in “In The Soop”, you can see a lot of Taehyung (V)’s cute scene, so let’s check it out♪