Introducing BTS Jin’s outfits in the MV of “Butter”! His T-shirt is cute!

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Quote from:BTS official instagram
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BTS released a new song “Butter” on May 21st.

The number of MV views of “Butter” is increasing steadily.

This time, I will introduce the outfits that Jin wore in the MV of BTS “Butter”!

This is a photo of Jin posted on BTS’s official Facebook page.

Jin’s pose with his arms open was cute.

The yellow jacket that Jin wore was “MARNI “!

The word “MARNI” was designed on his chest, which was a cute point.

And the T-shirt written “81” is a product of “ MUDIDI “.

J-HOPE also wore a different color T-shirt of “MUDIDI” and had a cute design!

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The outfits that Jin wore was cute, and the outfits of the other members were also colorful and cute.

Please check out the outfits of other members ♪