What does BTS Taehyung(V)’s Instagram ID(username) mean? His username is stylish !

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BTS opened a personal Instagram for all 7 people on December 6th.

Their Instagram has already exceeded 15 million followers.

The Instagram ID (username) of each BTS member is also attracting attention.

This time, I will introduce the personal Instagram ID (username) of BTS Taehyung(V)!

This is a photo posted on BTS Taehyung(V)’s personal Instagram.

The conversation with Jimin became a hot topic in the photo of the baby dinosaur.

Taehyung(V) posts selfie on Twitter less often than other members, so it’s nice that we can see Taehyung(V)’s many photos on Instagram.

The ID (username) of Taehyung(V)’s personal Instagram is “thv”!

Many ARMY think that “thv” is the name which”Taehyung” and “V” were combined.

On the other hand, some ARMY says that it is an abbreviation of “the V”.

Instagram IDs (usernames) of other BTS members are also interesting, so let’s check them out ♪