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His clear singing voice is a topic! BTS Jungkook covers Lauv’s “Never Not”! !

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BTS is attracting attention from all over the world, beyond Korea and Asia.

Global artists also love BTS, and i collaborated with Ed Sheeran and Halle.

In the meantime, BTS Jungkook covered Lauv’s “Never Not”.

Here is a cover video of Jungkook posted on BTS’s official Twitter.

Lauv’s “Never Not” was gently sung.

The voice of the transparent Jungkook is wonderful!

Jungkook was singing in a relaxed state, but the tattoo on his arm, which can be seen from his short sleeves, attracted a lot of attention.

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The cover of Jungkook which was very nice.

There was a hot reaction from ARMY all over the world to the transparent voice of Jungkook.

I want you to cover a lot from now on!

I’m looking forward to the next post by Jungkook♪