My love is trending! BTS Jimin celebtrated Taehyung(V)’s birthday ! RM, SUGA, and J-HOPE also celebrated Taehyung(V)’s birthday!

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BTS Taehyung (V)’s birthday is December 30th.

The other day, Taehyung(V) himself visited at his birthday event held in Sinchon, Seoul Korea, and became a hot topic.

BTS members celebrated Taehyung(V)’s birthday!

This is Jimin’s tweet posted on BTS’s official Twitter account.

“My love Happy birthday bro. #JIMIN # 태태 생일 ㅊㅋ”

A photo of Taehyung(V) was so cute 😆

Jimin call Taehyung(V) “Taetae” and “My love” were a hot topic!

This is RM’s tweet to celebrate Taehyung(V)’s birthday.

RM, like Jimin, commented, “My love Happy birthday bro. #JIMIN # 태태 생일 ㅊㅋ”.

The photo of Taehyung(V) while eating rice is so cute !

Not only Jimin and RM, but also SUGA and J-HOPE celebrated Taehyung(V)’s birthday.

I’m sure Taehyung(V) is happy!

Let’s check the posts of Jin and Jungkook♪