A new FILA commercial featuring BTS has been released! !!

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Quote from:FILA twitter
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BTS is the advertising model for various companies such as Baskin Robbins, Hyundai.

The products that collaborated with BTS have been sold out and are being sold one after another.

A new FILA commercial featuring BTS has been released!

This is a new FILA commercial featuring BTS.

BTS has been the advertising model for FILA for a long time, and the product has been a hit.

In the released CM, the red set and strong sound were impressive.

You were able to see various FILA fashions in a chic, cool atmosphere.

The good looks of the BTS members were outstanding.

Furthermore, the word “FILA” was in the trend immediately after the commercial was released!

The influence of BTS is amazing.

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A collaboration CM of BTS and FILA that became a hot topic immediately after being released.

It seems that FILA products will sell again.

Please check it out♪