The lyrics of “VIBE” are wonderful! TAEYANG and Jimin’s sexy dance performance became a hot topic!

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BIGBANG, a legend KPOP idol group.

Currently, BIGBANG members are promoting their own activities.

Today, January 13th, BIGBANG SOL and BTS Jimin’s collaboration song “VIBE” MV has been released!

This is the MV of BIGBANG SOL and BTS Jimin’s collaboration song “VIBE” released on YouTube.

“VIBE” has been a hot topic since early on, as it is a collaboration between two world-famous artists.

The MV of “VIBE” was really cool!

Starting with SOL, his powerful singing voice was wonderful.

The 2nd part was Jimin, and his singing voice had a different charm from TAEYANG.

TAEYANG and Jimin’s singing voices combined was the best !

Their dances were sexy and wonderful.

As the title suggests, both the melody and the lyrics were great😆

I would love to see TAEYANG and JIMIN perform “VIBE” live someday♪