Comeback with the Black Hair BTS! ? BTS “BE” concept photo released !!

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Quote from:BTS twitter
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BTS announced that they will release a new album “BE” in November.

While “Dynamite” is a big hit, BTS’s new song is expected.

The concept photo of BTS “BE” has been released!

This is the concept photo of BTS “BE” released on October 20th.

In the blue room, BTS members gathered and it was like a family photo.

BTS usually has colorful hair color, but in the concept photo, there are many members with black hair, and the word “black hair BTS” is a hot topic!

The painting in the center of the room is also impressive, and fans are considering what it means.

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BTS concept photos get a lot of attention every time.

“Dynamite” was a fun song, but the new song may have a concept that makes you think about it!

Please check the future information ♪