BTS Taehyung (V) has a friendship tattoo on his left butt! ? ARMY is surprised at Taehyung(V)’s tattoo place♪

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BTS Taehyung (V) is popular all over the world.

Recently, Taehyung (V) has done solo activities.

Yesterday, September 25th, the exchange between Taehyung (V) and ARMY on Weverse was attracted attention!

Taehyung (V) answered various ARMY questions, which was interesting.

The most talked about Taehyung (V)’s friendship tattoo!

All 7 members of BTS have “7” friendship tattoo.

Some members actually uploaded photos of their friendship tattoo.

Until now, Taehyung (V) didn’t reveal the location of his friendship tattoo, but he finally told us where he got his friendship tattoo.

Taehyung’s (V) friendship tattoo is on his left butt!

We can’t actually see Taehyung(V)’s friendship tattoo, but I’m curious about the size of the tattoo on Taehyung’s (V) butt!

Don’t miss Taehyung’s (V) Weverse posts in the future♪