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BTS V released “Snow Flower”! V’s singing voice and Peakboy’s rap go great together !!

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BTS is a big success in the world.

“Dynamite” released in 2020 and the new album “BE” are big hits.

On December 25th, BTS Taehyung (V) released “Snow Flower” as a surprise!

This is V’s “Snow Flower” released at midnight on December 25th.

It was expected by ARMY that something would happen, and after all V released a new song.

In “Snow Flower”, V’s vocals and Peakboy’s rap matched well.

It’s a song that’s perfect for Christmas and you want to listen to when it’s snowing.

The illustration of a boy with a red umbrella protecting purple flowers from the snow was also wonderful.

It was a song with a friendly atmosphere, regardless of age or gender. ✨

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On December 24th, Jimin released “Christmas Love” as a surprise and became a hot topic.

It was a nice Christmas gifts for ARMY !

Please check both songs ♪