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Perfect for spring days! BTS JHOPE tells ARMY love on “Spring Day” !!

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BTS loves ARMY.

They always thank ARMY for their live performances.

Even though ARMY is more grateful to BTS, BTS responds with love.

On April 19th, BTS JHOPE put on “Spring Day” and told ARMY of its love.

Here is a video of JHOPE posted on BTS’s official Twitter.

He expressed his desire to meet ARMY in accordance with BTS’s “Spring Day”.

It was a cute video that seems to be JHOPE.

It is good for a spring day.

At the end, he even had a finger heart.

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JHOPE’s love for ARMY has been conveyed enough.

BTS played BANGBANGCON on April 18 and 19, and he entertained ARMY at home.

BTS is a wonderful group that always entertains me.

I’m looking forward to seeing what BTS will do in the future♪