ARMY great excitement! BTS Jungkook gives V a knee pillow!

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BTS is known to have a good relationship with its members.

It’s like watching a family-like bond and relaxing.

This time we will introduce a good episode of BTS Jungkook and V

It was a scene from Run BTS

In this Run BTS !, BTS members who challenged ASMR.

Each challenged various missions and it was very interesting.


V was lying on Jungkook’s knee while JHOPE challenged ASMR

Army who knows the relationship between the two is convinced, but it is difficult for men to have a knee pillow.

Jungkook and V are too close friends

I guess it looks like this even at home.

ARMY was excited to see two people.

I am looking forward to the fun videos of Jungkook and V ♪